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I read one time about a man who swallowed an egg whole

In this day when we are suppose to have so many devices to save time, I’ve never seen so many hurried and restless people! If the computer, the laptop, the cellular phone, and all of these other technological wonders are suppose to save us time, why do we have so little time for the things that matter? 

It seems that with all we’ve accomplished, about all we have really added is speed and noise. We get there faster, but we don’t know where we are going. And when we get there, we’re out of breath. 

I read one time about a man who swallowed an egg whole. He was afraid to move because he was afraid it would break. But he was afraid to sit still because he was afraid it would hatch. There are a lot of people like that today–so frenetic, so pressured they don’t know which way to go. And the place where the pressure and restless often hit home is in the home. 

Adrian Rogers, Ten Secrets for a Successful Family, Crossway Books, p. 71.

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