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Wheat or weeds

Mt. 13 is a chapter where the Lord gave a number of parables, one of which involved “tares.”

  1. Verse 36 – READ
  2. The explanation of this parable begins with verse 37 – READ

1)      The Lord wants this seed to produce “sons of the kingdom.”

2)      Jesus wants to have faithful followers throughout the world – verse 38 – READ

a)      This parable reminds us of Mk. 16:15 – Jesus said He wanted His word taken to “Every creature.”

b)      Jesus wants to have disciples throughout the entire earth.

3)      We often think about the “seed” as describing the word of God and this is true.

4)      Here the “good seed” describes the “sons of the kingdom.”

5)      Rom. 1:16 says God’s power to salvation is the gospel.

6)      In a sea of sin Jesus wants us to be a bright beacon.

7)      At the end of verse 38 Jesus said there are some “tares” in along with the wheat.

8)      God says there are going to be some “weeds” that try to impact our spiritual life.

a)      As our children go through school they are going to be surrounded by weeds.

b)      Adults will be surrounded by weeds in their places of employment.

c)      Some of our family members may be like weeds.

9)      In the physical realm we can often instantly recognize weeds.

10)   “Tares” (an undesirable crop) were planted along with the good crop.

11)  This reminds us that Satan seeks to surround Christians with weeds and he does.

12)  One of Satan’s tactics is trying to fill the earth with weeds.

13)  Verse 26 – READ

14)  In life there are times in life when we can’t pull out a weed because it will destroy a plant.

a)      Verse 39 – READ

b)      Weeds come from the devil and he is always trying to plant a new crop of weeds.

2)      There are consequences for this becoming involved with weeds – verse 40 – READ .

a)      God knows about all the “weeds” in life.

b)      At the proper time God will destroy each and every weed.

c)      Jesus said this will happen at the “end of the world” – verse 40 – READ

d)     Verse 41 even uses the word “all” – READ

3)      In eternity God will have a “weed free” kingdom.

4)      There will not be a single “weed” in heaven.

a)      If we are not a “son of God” (a child of God), we are like a weed.

b)      We may not be like the biggest weed or like the ugliest weed.

c)      All that we need to miss out on heaven is to fall into the “weed category.”

5)      All who are categorized in this way are going to have a very bad ending – verse 42 – READ

6)      Since we know what will happen to people who did not choose to please God, what about others?

7)      Verse 43 – READ

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The church built by Christ

    One of the most interesting observations one makes as he studies the Bible is God’s “consistency.”  For example: God has always placed water between His people and the people of the World. Flood waters between Noah and the people of the world; the waters of the Red Sea between His people and the Egyptians; the waters of the Jordan River was all that separated His people from the Promised Land; and today, the waters of baptism. Consider the number “3.” There are three dispensations: Patriarchal, Mosaic, and the Christian dispensation, which is the last (Hebrews 9:26); there is the Godhead consisting of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; man consists of the body, soul and spirit. Also, 50 days after being set free from Egyptian bondage, the Law of Moses was given, and 50 days after the Resurrection, when we were set free from the bondage of sin, the Law of Christ was given.  When we are aware of God’s consistency, we can learn a great deal about how God works.

    Consider the Ark of Noah, and the church built by Christ. Noah’s ark was made of one material, gopher wood. Christ church is made of one material, living stones (1Peter 2:5).  There was only one door into the Ark, and only one door into the church (John 10:9).  In the flood that destroyed the world, only one family was saved, Noah’s family. In the fire that will one day destroy the world, only one family will be saved, Christ’s family, His church (1Timothy 3:15).

    It is most important to understand that all those saved in Noah’s day were in the Ark. Likewise, all those who shall be saved in the final destruction of this earth (2Peter 3:10), will be in the Lord’s church.

    God told Noah that if he wanted to be saved, he would have to get into the Ark and stay there.  Likewise, we have to get into the Lord’s church and stay there. The only way to get into the Lord’s church is for God to add you to it (Acts 2:47). He will do that when you hear His word, believe it, and obey it (Acts 2:38-41).

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The church built by Jesus


 This morning we want to think about a number – the number “one.” 


1)      When Peter said He would build “one” structure for the Lord, He did not mean 2, 3, or four.

2)      “One” means one.  There were three people here and Peter offered to build one for each person.

3)      In the next chapter – Mt. 18 – we see the word “one” being used again.

4)      Verse 9 – READ

a)      Notice the contrast in this verse.

b)      We could enter “hell” with “two eyes.”         

c)      If we lose an eye, we are down to one eye.  One means one.

5)      Let’s move down just a few more verses but stay in this same chapter – verse 12.

6)      If the number “one” can “mean 2, 5, 10,” Jesus’ point is meaningless.

7)      “One” means one.

8)      Leaving this chapter, let’s now turn our attention to Mt. 20.

a)      This is the place where Jesus gave a story about a “householder.”

b)      Let’s start with verse 9 – READ

c)      In verse 12 we are told that those who were hired at the 11th hour worked for one hour – READ

9)      Here is another reminder that “one” means one.

a)      Mt. 23:9 – READ

10)  Mt. 26:14, 21 tells us there was “one” traitor in the group.

11)  Jesus was finally crucified and there was “one” robber on the right and “one” on His left.

a)      What if someone told us there were two robbers on Jesus’ right hand and three on His left? 


 a)      Acts 2:1 says people were come together in “one place.”

b)      What if we said everyone came together in “one place” in our community?

c)      Rom. 3:10, in talking about Jews and Gentiles, said “not one is righteous.”

d)     Can we say that God was exaggerating when this verse was written?

2)      The word “one” gets our attention once again in Rom. 5:17.

3)      1 Cor. 8 – the next book – says there is “one God” (1 Cor. 8:6).

4)      Speaking of “one God,” our next reference is Eph. 4:4-6.

a)      The first “one” in this list is described as ONE body.

5)      What is the “body”?  In the opening chapter of this book the body is called THE CHURCH, 1:22-23.

6)      If the BODY is the CHURCH, and there is ONE BODY, there is ONE CHURCH.

a)      Eph. 4:5 says there is just ONE faith.

b)      The different religious in the world all have different faiths.

7)      Just as there is only ONE SPIRIT, there is only one body (church) and one faith.

8)      Just as there is only ONE true HOPE so there is only one church that has God’s approval.

9)      We get into the one true church by being joined to the ONE LORD.

10)  Jesus said we cannot come to the Father unless we come by Him (Jn. 14:9).

11)  There is only one way to the Father.  Are we on this path?

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