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A life less meaningful than a songbird or an earthworm or a milk weed?

Every day we wake up, we are given a marvelous opportunity.  Today, you will come in contact with a large number of people whose preacher is Hollywood, whose shepherd is science-falsely- so-called, whose idol is materialism, and whose doctrine is worldliness.  These influences have long counseled them that “Christians”–a term used in a vague, nebulous, mysterious way–are condescending, judgmental hypocrites ready to pounce upon and condemn their lifestyles and decisions.

Yet, at the same time, these people believe themselves to have come from the nothingness of chance and are heading toward a dark, empty chasm of futile despair and termination.  If ever they sit and ponder the contents of their world-view, nothing they do has lasting purpose and they themselves are no more valuable and meaningful than a songbird or an earthworm or a milk weed. 
Here is where the opportunity comes.  You will converse with them today, interacting with them.  Lord willing, somehow a door of opportunity will open that will allow you to exemplify your faith and maybe even defend the Lord and His Word.  As you lovingly, gently and ably do so (cf. 2 Tim. 2:23-26), you will explode the societal myth about Christians.  You will never embrace or condone sin, but as you love the sinner and show them compassion and understanding they will be totally unprepared for that response.  The honest-hearted among them will have a sense of guilt and shame about their sin, and your loving outreach and sympathy may well generate curiosity and maybe even desire to know more about this Christ you serve.  What amazing power God has placed in your hands today!  Use it wisely.  Most importantly, use it!
Neal Pollard

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