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Do you do the devil's will?

a) A government may have a “will” for its citizens.
b) If we are employed at a secular job, our employer has a “will” for us to accomplish.
c) Stores and other businesses have a “will” for consumers.
2) The devil has a “will” for mankind. God also has a “will” for people.
3) As individuals we also have our own “will.”
4) Lots of people and organizations and lots of people want us to do lots of things.
5) Since there are many “wills” to choose from, which will should we choose?
6) We might not only ask which will we should choose, we should ask WHY we select the one we do.
7) The Bible encourages us to choose God and His will.
8) In Mt. 7:21 Jesus spoke of the “will of the Father.”
a) Jesus said only those who do the “will of God” will be in heaven – READ Mt. 7:21.
9) In Mt. 18:14 Jesus said it is not God’s desire that any “little ones” perish.
a) Virtually every person or organization has a “will” about some things it likes and dislikes.
b) Our government wants its citizens to do certain things and avoid other activities.
c) Such is also true for God.
10) Mk. 3:35 says doing the will of God allows us to be regarded as His brother, sister and mother
11) Eph. 5:17 says “understand what the will of the Lord is.”
a) Paul believed it is possible to understand God’s will.
b) This may take some time and effort, but it is possible.
c) In Eph. 5:15 Paul said, “look carefully how you walk” (be careful how to live).
d) Why be careful? We need to be careful because we can step outside the will of God.
12) Not only can we understand God’s will, we can do it and do it with great sincerity.
13) Eph. 6:6 speaks of doing God’s will “from the heart” – here is the full verse READ
14) Peter recognized that some will “suffer” because they do God’s will (1 Pet. 4:19).
15) Today people sometimes suffer because they are trying to do the will of God.
a) Heb. 10:36 says those who do the will of God “receive the promise.”
b) This is what all people want—this promise is conditional. We must do the will of God.

1) Christians should seek to do the will of God because of the God’s record.
2) 700 years before Jesus came into the world it was said the Lord would be born of a “virgin,” Isa. 7:14.
3) When Jesus came into the world, this is exactly what happened, Mt. 1:18, 23.
4) Isaiah also predicted that Jesus would be named before His birth (Isa. 49:1) – READ
a) This is precisely what we find in Lk. 1:30-31.
b) Micah (5:2) said Jesus would be born in Bethlehem, and this happened, Mt. 2:1.
5) Jeremiah (31:15) said Jesus would create sorrow for many people and did (Mt. 2:17-18).
6) The trip Jesus and His family had to take to Egypt (Mt. 2:14-15) was a subject of prophecy (Hos. 11:1).
7) 400 years before Jesus came to the world (Mal. 3:1) it was said He would have a forerunner.
8) In Ps. 78:2 we learn that the Savior would speak in “parables.”
9) When we study the Lord’s life, we find Him teaching with parables.
10) Isaiah said Jesus would be “despised” (Isa. 53:3) and “rejected” (Isa. 8:14) without cause (Ps. 69:4).
11) Hundreds of predictions were made and all fulfilled down to the last detail.
a) These predictions help demonstrate why we need to follow the will of God.
12) God shows us through predictive prophecy that we can and should rely on His will. 1 Jn. 2:17

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