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Christians and *social networking* sites

Imagine that you see the following statements posted on a “social networking site” like facebook

Monday:  Stopped by a cop on the way to work but managed to lie my way out of the ticket!  Cops are idiots. 

Tuesday:  Bought ten lottery tickets at lunch and only won a dollar.   

*Wednesday:  Had a light supper and golfed till dark; what a GREAT night! 

Thursday:  Down to my last beer in the fridge…ugh. 

Friday:  Got a *$%#@$ virus on my computer. 

Saturday:  Getting up early tomorrow for an all day fishing trip at the lake. Hope the weather is good. 

Sunday:  Girlfriend’s parents are out of town this weekend…can’t wait to spend the night at her place. 

 Which of the preceding statements would we associate with a person who is trying to live a faithful Christian life?  

We might not be surprised to find vulgar and sinful things posted by the unsaved, but Christians should not be among those who post this kind of material.  Saying non-Christian things online is just as bad as saying it in person and it often reaches a much broader range of people. 

Bottom line:  Think before you post.  Too, if you see a post from someone who professes to be a Christian but posts inappropriate things, kindly remind them of verses like Mt. 5:16.  

*The point about Wednesday assumes the person has the option to attend a Wednesday night Bible class. 

–Brad Price

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