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Where to buy a copy of the Koran

Islam claims you need to know Arabic to really get the true meaning of the Koran, but it still seems to push various English translations of this so-called “Holy Book.”  I am no expert on the Koran, but one of the better translations seems to be the one done by Asad.  This version used to be sent free upon request, but now it is “free” if you pay $8.95 for shipping.  This is a BIG BOOK so there is definitely some cost to ship it.

If you do a little exploring at www.explorethequran.com you will find that “Opinion Leaders & Policymakers” are offered a free copy of the Koran (they do not pay for the book or shipping).

If you want a good copy of the Koran for your religious library, pay the $8.95 for this version.  You can order it at https://www.explorethequran.com/request-a-quran/american-public.html

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