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Choosing good or evil


a) Our study will begin with man’s worst possible choice (evil) – Prov. 4:17.
b) Those who select evil “eat the bread of wickedness” and “drink the wine of violence.”
i) Evil is portrayed as food; it is as if people use it for nourishment.
2) Another key passage about evil in Proverbs is Prov. 15:28.
a) This text talks about speech.
b) He says a wicked person’s mouth “pours out evil things.” READ
3) In many ways our world encourages people to be evil.
4) It tells people they ought to be able to say whatever they want.
5) Of course, the world really does not mean that.
6) In the world there are some things that are off limits; it does have limits.
7) Do our words associate us with God and righteousness or things that are sensual and sinful?
8) Jesus said His people are to be different—the salt and light of the world.
9) If our verbal and written speech is like what we find in the world, we are like wicked men and women.
a) Evil people are a blight on society.
b) The wise man illustrated this point in Prov. 28:15. READ
10) Wickedness not only affects the person who is evil, it has an impact on the lives of others.
11) When a ruler is evil, things are especially bad.
12) Evil people are so bad they have nothing but hate for those who are unlike them.
13) Prov. 29:27 says that to a “righteous man,” and “evil person is an abomination.”
14) This is one truth. A second truth is at the end of that verse.
15) Wicked people hate the righteous. Prov. 29:10.
16) In Prov. 15:9 we are told that God despises the “way of the wicked.”
17) If we follow the path of unrighteousness, we will be condemned (eternally separated from God).
18) At the end of this text we are informed that “God loves those who follow righteousness.”
19) God tells us in Prov. 15:8 that He hates their sacrifices. Evil people may worship, but God rejects it.
20) Wicked people often have many hopes. Prov. 10:28 says their hopes are vain (they will perish).
21) The “curse of God” is in the house of the wicked” (Prov. 3:33).
22) Prov. 24:20 says the wicked will be “snuffed out.”
23) Evil people listen to evil talk (Prov. 17:4) and plots evil (Prov. 16:27).
24) Pursuing evil, whether a little or a lot, is a very bad choice.
25) A second choice is available to all people.
a) This way is a straight path; it directs a person’s way (Prov. 11:5).
26) Prov. 13:6 says that “righteousness guards a person.”
27) Prov. 24:16 speaks of righteous people “falling several times.”
28) God’s people may fall may times. The text also tells us they will “get up.”
29) Prov. 12:3 says the “root of the righteous” shall not be moved.
30) Prov. 11:3 says that righteous people have “integrity that guides them.”
31) Prov. 11:6 speaks about the “righteousness” of the upright – this too can exist in people’s lives.
32) Prov. 21:8 speaks of the “pure” (the innocent).
33) A person who is truly upright will show that in their speech – Prov. 8:6.
34) From all these Proverbs (and more we did not mention), we see two clear choices.
35) Long ago a very brave man said: choose this day who you will serve (Josh. 24:15).
36) Which choice have we made?

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Remember, in order to be saved and enjoy all God’s blessings (not the least of which is salvation), a person must have faith (Jn. 8:24), be willing to repent (Lk. 13:3), and after confessing Christ as Lord, the final step is water baptism (Rom. 6:3; 1 Cor. 12:13; 1 Pet. 3:20-21). Bible baptism is by immersion only (“burial,” Rom. 6:4), and once it is done, heaven puts that person “into Christ” (Gal. 3:27; Rom. 6:3). After proper baptism a person has their sins forgiven (Acts 2:38).

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