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What is the kingdom of God?

A fuller study of the kingdom of God

1) Information about “kingdoms” is found in Dan. 2, 5, 7. Key verse is Dan. 2:44.
a) Daniel foretells some world history in Dan. 2 with a great beast. Dan. 2:31-34, 36-37.
b) Gold (head) = Babylon, Medo-Persian = silver, Greece = brass, Rome = iron and clay.
c) These same nations are described in Dan. 7, only the writer uses various creatures. Dan. 7:1-7
d) A beast LIKE a lion with eagle’s wings, something like a bear, something like a leopard.
e) Then came the fourth beast: very frightening.
2) Let’s look at the lion like beast – what happened to it (Dan. 7:4)? ______________________
3) This is figurative speech – frightening descriptions to describe the overthrow of the nation.
4) V. 5 – the second beast is said to have “_____ ribs” – there are tons of guesses about these ribs.
5) Since this is figurative speech, they may not have any specific significance.
6) If they are designed to indicate something, it may be greed. They could represent countries.
7) Greece (the “brass” in Dan. 2 and “leopard” in Dan. 7) is described in a little more detail.
a) How many “heads” and “wings” did this beast have? Verse 6 – ________________.
b) We find the fulfillment of this in Alexander the Great – conquered most of known world.
c) He had four sons (the “four heads”) that divided his kingdom.
d) This same subject is discussed in Dan. 8:8-12. “Little horn” = Antiochus IV Epiphanes.
8) Rome (the fourth part of the image/the terrible beast) had ________ “horns (Dan. 7:7)?
9) Some think these horns refer to ten divisions in the Roman Empire – this could be true.
10) Others believe ten rulers are being described; this may also be true.
11) What was to arise a little later (Dan. 7:8)? _____________________________________
12) What are we told about this “horn” in Dan. 7:24? _________________________
13) This power would _______________ (Dan. 7:20).
14) It would also claim ________________ (Dan. 7:25a).
15) Domitian (A.D. 81-96) fits this power very well – he was a braggart and claimed to be deity.
16) What Daniel predicated has come true—the wild prophecies of today are false.
17) We need to know the truth and teach it. We may also benefit by asking people questions.
18) Where did Jesus ever say He would reign on the earth?
19) Rev. 20 is often a proof text for Premillennialism – is the word “earth” used in this chapter (read vss 1-6).
20) This chapter simply says “reign with Him ____________.”
21) What did Jesus say in Jn. 18:36? _______________. Was this a lie? Did Jesus not know? A joke?
22) What did the false idea of an earthly kingdom cause (Mt. 2:16)? ____________________________.
23) Explain the significance of Jn. 17:4 – ___________________________________________________.
24) If Jesus were to come to earth again, what could He do that has not already been done? ___________.
a) Acts 2:34-36 – Has Jesus been crowned king or not? _______ Rev. 17:14 (“IS”).
b) What will happen when Jesus comes again (2 Pet. 3:8-11)? ______________
25) Error says Jesus is coming back to receive a kingdom.
26) Compare Dan. 7:13-14, 22 + Heb. 12:28 – in the Bible Jesus came to receive the kingdom.
27) At His return He will give back and not “receive” the kingdom (1 Cor. 15:24).
28) What do we learn from Rev. 1:6, 9? _________________________________________.
29) How much authority does Jesus have now (Mt. 28:18)? How much would that increase w/an earthly kingdom?
30) The order of things in the Bible:
31) Accountable are either in the world or in the church. All these people die (Heb. 9:27) and enter into the Hadean world (Lk. 16:19-31). A judgment day is coming (2 Cor. 5:10). Heaven will be the destiny for the saved; Hell will be the destiny for the condemned. This will be the end.

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