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hamartia – a new testament word for sin

1) How do we know if an action is “moral” or “immoral?”
2) How can we determine if something is “right” or “wrong?” We must use a standard.
3) There is an important word in the New Testament that is used many, many times – hamartia
4) At least 175 times this word is found in the 27 books of the New Testament and it is translated “sin.”
5) By using the word “sin” Bible translators were trying to convey the idea of “missing the mark.”
6) We may be immoral because we fail to do all we should (we do not put in enough effort to reach the goal).
7) We may also choose miss the mark (sin) because we choose the wrong thing.

a) Mt. 1:21 tells us that immorality is a very serious problem.
b) The Lord is to save people who are immoral.

2) If someone asked us: “Are you immoral,” we might be tempted to say “no.”
3) Our definition of immorality may not be the same definition used by God.
4) If we have somehow missed the mark (just one time), we are guilty of sin and we need Christ.
5) Mt. 3:6.
a) Mt. 12:31 – READ
6) What did Jesus say in this verse? “ALL MANNER” (types) of sin (immorality) can be forgiven.
a) Refusing the Father meant the people still had someone to listen to (the Son of God).
b) Rejecting the Son of God meant there was still someone to listen to (the Holy Spirit).
c) If the Holy Spirit was rejected, there was not going to be any else.
d) The Godhead has only three members; reject each one and a person has no hope.
7) Mt. 26:28 is often read before we have the Lord’s Supper.
a) Jesus said His blood was being shed for the “remission of sins.”
b) Here is our special word translated “sin.”
c) Jesus’ blood was shed for man’s immorality.
8) Next on our list is Lk. 7:47.
a) He said she had “many sins.”
b) Imagine the Lord saying to someone “Here is a very immoral person.”
c) Jesus said in Jn. 8:21 that people will “die” in their sin unless they accept His remedy.
d) How immoral does a person need to be before they should die?
9) To start “hitting the target” if you will, we need to believe in Jesus Christ – Jn. 8:24 – READ
10) God wants the world to know about sin (immorality) and then obey the gospel to be forgiven.
11) Men must come to realize that God says breaking His law makes them immoral.
a) Jn. 16:8.
b) As Jesus promised, the Holy Spirit did arrive (this is recorded in Acts 2).
c) The Lord said the Spirit would “reprove the world for sin” (missing the mark).
d) Peter did this on the Day of Pentecost. He said those who heard him were immoral.
12) God says to men: You are immoral; I am holy and you are not.”
13) Immorality is like a flesh eating disease; it will destroy us if we do not find and accept the cure.
14) We need to be freed from immorality, and the Bible tells us how to do that.

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