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Hamartia in Paul's epistles

Hamartia, an important word in the New Testament

1) Rom. 3:9.
2) We have gotten to a point in society where people think that God is not all that concerned about behavior.
a) Much of our nation has lots is immoral compass.
b) Our nation does not know what is moral and immoral.
i) People in the business world are sometimes told to go to “sensitivity training.”
ii) 17 girls made a pact to get pregnant and raise their babies together.
3) In the Old Testament prophets condemned those who called evil good and good evil.
a) Rom. 3:20 READ
b) People can come to a “knowledge” of their immorality.
4) One of a Christian’s responsibilities is to let people know that they have violated God’s will.
5) This part of the great commission.
a) Rom. 5:12.
b) Only one person needed to sin one time and that eventually catches up with all accountable people.
c) Immorality is contagious.
6) When people turn to the gospel, they find a complete cure for their problem.
7) Rom. 5:20– READ
8) No person is too immoral to be saved by God.
a) Rom. 6:6 – READ
b) God wants the “body of sin” (a life of immorality) to be put away.
c) When a person become a Christian, he no longer lives as he once did.
9) The man that was used to going out and drinking with his buddies doesn’t do that any more.
10) The drug user puts away his drugs. He just doesn’t “decrease” he says “no” to that way of life.
11) Those involved with fornication realize they were immoral and terminate that activity.
12) The gambler says he is through trying to increase his wealth at the expense of others.
13) Verse 12 in this chapter says – READ
14) Notice that “sin” (immorality) is explicitly joined with “lust.”
15) Verse 14 – READ
a) Sin (immorality) was something we once “served” (verse 17).
b) If we are a Christian, we have been “freed from that” (verse 18).
c) If we go back to it, we will die (verse 23).
d) If we choose to live as a faithful Christian and flee immorality, we will be “saved” (verse 22).
16) In Col. 2:11 Paul said “putting off the body of sin.”
17) What types of activities have we put away because we became a Christian?
a) 1 Tim. 5:22 gives us an important principle: do not “partake” in the sins of others.
b) School children are often exposed to this very temptation.
18) Someone has a party with drugs or alcohol. Everyone they know is going to be there so they go.
19) The word we are looking at says “that is the way the world lives. That is how the heathens act.”
20) Two verses later in 1 Tim. 5 (24) Paul said the sins of some are “open.”

21) God wants a group of people who are moral, godly, distinct from the world, full of Christian graces.
22) Is that who we are?

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