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How to be happy

If you want to be Happy, here are some things to practice….

¨ Seek to lead a quiet and peaceful life {I Tim. 2:2, I Thes. 4:11, Eph. 4:3}
¨ Count your blessings, don’t despise His goodness {Rom. 2:4}
¨ Laugh {Pro. 15:13}
¨ Be thankful {Col. 3:15, I Thes. 5:18}
¨ Be prayerful {I Thes. 5:17}
¨ Be unselfish {Phil. 2:4}
¨ Be concerned for the happiness of others {Pro. 18:24} (You have an impact on others happiness)
¨ Be caring, helpful {I John 3:17}
¨ Be loving {I Cor. 13:13}
¨ Be humble {Micah 6:8, Pro. 29:23}
¨ Be respectful {I Pet. 2:17}
¨ Be courteous {I Pet. 3:8,9}
¨ Be content {I Tim. 6:6}
¨ Be active {Rom. 2:7}
¨ Look inward, not outward {2 Cor. 13:5}
¨ Talk to yourself often, be honest {Psa. 119:11}
¨ Don’t blame others take responsibility for your actions,{Ecc. 12:14, Rom. 2:6}
¨ Realize your days are numbered {Psa. 90:12} (Life is too short to waste)
¨ Listen to others who love you enough to give you wisdom {Pro. 3:13}
¨ Love people, not things.
¨ Look forward with excitement and have a vision for yourself.
¨ Change your future by learning from the past.
¨ Leave the past in the past, don’t drag it around with you {Phil. 3:13, Eph. 4:26} (bitterness spoils happiness)
¨ Live modestly {I Tim. 6:9-10}
¨ Make the decision to be happy {Pro. 29:18}
¨ Have a plan, don’t leave things to chance {Pro. 4:26}
¨ Make good things happen {Mat. 12:35}
¨ Learn to be adaptable, change is the only thing that stays the same {1 Jn. 2:17}
¨ Actively manage your life: {Pro. 16:20}
? Relationship to God
? Relationship to people
? Health (as best as you can)
? Finances
? Behaviors
? Decisions

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