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Honoring mothers – a sermon about mothers

1) Story of Sara Tucholsky.
2) Today is Mother’s Day, a time when we think about words like “honor” and “help.”
3) Today we want to pay special attention to the word “honor.”
4) For our scripture reading we heard Ex. 20:1-17.
a) This is one of the places where the Ten Commandments are recorded.
b) In the New Testament we are told the Ten Commandments have been taken out of the way.
c) Jesus is the “end of the Old Testament law” Paul said in Rom. 10:4.
d) Paul did say we can “learn” from the Old Testament (Rom. 15:4).
5) One of the things we learn is that women—especially mothers—deserve honor.
6) God was explicit about this point in Ex. 20:12 – honor mother and father.
7) Ex. 21:15 – READ
8) We live in a time when parents are often not respected.
9) Ex. 21:15 describes something worse: hitting a parent.
10) Many evil people have tried to destroy much of what is good.
11) God said a mother is special she should never be struck by a child. Such is also true for dad.
12) Our world has told women for at least 50 years they are second class citizens.
13) When we look at women we find that they are special.
14) Let’s look at verse 17 in Ex. 21 – READ
15) Lev. 19:3 says children were to “respect” his “mother” and “father.”
a) In Ex. 21 we see things negatively—children were told what “not” to do.
b) In Lev. 19:3, the command is positive. Respect was to be shown to mom and dad.
16) In our culture children are often encouraged to not respect mom and dad.
17) In the movie “Expelled” professors and others talk about religion being “superstition.”
18) Children grow up, go to college, and hear from well educated men that their parents are ignorant.
19) Mom and dad believe in a God who is a fairy tale that is in the same category as Alice in Wonderland.
20) It is right to honor and respect mothers in the younger years.
a) In Lev. 19:32 God told His people “rise up before the hoary head.”
21) In 1 Kgs. 1:11 – Solomon’s mother was Bathsheba.
22) Bathsheba went to her son Solomon about a matter.
a) Notice what Solomon did when mom came to see him – 1 Kgs. 2:19 – READ
b) In the later years it is also right to respect and honor mom.
c) Prov. 1:8 says children are to “listen to the instruction of their father.”
d) Then the author also said “forsake not the law of your mother.”
23) Prov. 30:11 says there is a generation that “curses their father” and “does not bless their mother.”
a) This Proverb seems to be pretty much on target for the current day and time.
b) Our world may choose to live in this way, but Christians select a different course.
c) We hope this is the course you will pick – the choice that is now called Christianity.

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