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Is it right to pay preachers? How much should preachers be paid?

For many, paying ministers is an accepted practice. In the past, especially at the Corinthian congregation, there were questions about paying ministers. Even now there are congregation that oppose paying a preacher.

Paul addressed the question of paying preachers in 1 Cor. 9. In 1 Cor. 9:7 he offered three arguments on paying preachers. Christians are “soldiers” in the “army of God.” Since secular soldiers are paid when they engage in “warfare” (1 Cor. 9:7), Christians “soldiers” deserve compensation. When a man is a minister he is often on the “front lines” of the battle and he deserves compensation.

A second argument for paying is found in the middle of 1 Cor. 9:7. If a man “plants a vineyard,” does he “not eat the fruit from it”? Yes. The Corinthians would have also recognized this principle and this was a second argument to compensate evangelists.

Paul’s third argument for paying preachers is found at the end of verse 7. If a man “cared for a flock,” he had a right to share in the “milk” that came from these animals. In a similar way ministers work and they deserve to be paid.

How much should evangelists be paid? The Bible does not give a specific amount. However, we can learn from the “golden rule” in Mt. 7:12. If we were a minister, how much would we want to be paid? If we would want a livable salary and our income consistent with that of other members of the congregation, then we should use that guideline when paying preachers today.

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