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Hamartia outside the gospels and Paul's epistles

Football coach Erk Russell rattle snake story.

1) Today our study begins with the scripture that was read, Heb. 1:3.
2) A lot of people have a lot of different ideas about Jesus – who He is and what He did.
a) Man is immoral; we violate the will of God and God says these violations create a debt.
b) Jesus came to wipe away the sins of men, no matter how immoral a person is.
c) Hebrews 2:17.
d) Here we find it associated with the word “reconciliation” (KJV).
e) Let’s look at Heb. 3:13 – another passage which has our word – READ
f) Sin (immorality) will harden people. It is deceitful.
g) At first an immoral act may make a person feel pretty bad about what they did.
h) There is guilt, remorse, a man may say, “I was wrong and I will not do that again.”
i) The next day or later in the week, he thinks back to what was done and he wants to do it again.
3) Immorality hardens people. People may lose their sense of right and wrong.
4) Minds can become calloused; people may lose their ability to correctly reason.
5) God has some very strong and powerful warnings about engaging in immoral acts.
6) One warning in the book of Hebrews is found in 11:25.
7) In Heb. 12:1 we are told that immorality can so “easily beset us.”
8) The image in Heb. 21 is that of an athlete.
9) In the next book (Jas. 1:15) we are told that sin (immorality) leads to death.
10) Heb. 12:4 says “strive against sin.”
11) If this is our choice there is a great promise in 1 Jn. 1:7.
a) The blood of Christ can and will cleanse from “all sin” (immorality).
b) If we think we are not immoral (1 Jn. 1:8), we lie and the truth is not in us.
c) Every single person struggle with some form of immorality.
12) God requires His people to recognize immorality and put it behind them.
13) In 1 Jn. 3:8 we have another incentive to leave behind sin.
a) John said immorality is of the devil.
b) Satan is the one who wants people to be involved with sin.
c) Many want immorality.
d) Our world excels at ways to make immorality seem better, more secretive, and more enjoyable.
e) We seek to oppose it in our own lives and in the world.

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