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Baptized unto moses – what does it mean?

1) Today we want to dig into 1 Cor. 10:2 .
a) A good beginning point is to consider the context.
b) In verse 6 Paul said he was providing “examples” for the Corinthians.
c) Paul spoke about the nation of Israel and how this nation had made many mistakes.
d) Many of the temptations selected by the Hebrews were also available to the Corinthians.
2) Israel engaged in idolatry (verse 7), and that was a temptation for the Corinthians.
3) Israel was sexually immoral (verse 8) and this too was a temptation for those at Corinth.
4) I want to read Rom. 2:17.
a) In Rom. 1 Paul said the Gentiles were under divine condemnation because of sin.
b) The Jews knew about God and they had a law from deity. Jews are described in Rom. 2.
c) Hebrews regarded the law from God (as well as other things) as an insurance policy.
5) God’s people felt secure – they felt like they could do whatever they wanted because they were the chosen.
a) Rom. 2:17 – READ Verses 18-19 make– READ
b) What is said here is also part of the point in 1 Cor. 10:2.
c) Before the law was given, the Jews had been “baptized into Moses.”
d) We can break the thought down by first considering the word “baptized.”
6) Baptism means to “dip, plunge, submerge, overwhelm, cover.”
a) Dishes in a sink are often “baptized” (covered with water).
b) The word baptism was the perfect word to use.
c) This term tells us the Hebrews were fully associated with Moses.
7) Because of this “baptism” Israel felt pretty confident – cocky.
8) There are also other points worthy of attention.
a) When did Israel really find deliverance from Egyptian bondage? It was not while they were in Egypt.
b) Neither was it when the Egyptian army was chasing them.
c) They found deliverance after the sea experience; then they were finally free from captivity.
9) In this chapter Paul says the history of Israel has some parallels to Christianity.
a) When are people today freed from Egypt (slavery to sin)?
b) It is after we are baptized. Unlike the Jews, we are not baptized into Moses.
c) Now people are baptized into Christ (Gal. 3:27) for the forgiveness of sins (Acts 2:38).
10) The deliverance of Israel helps show that baptism is necessary for salvation.
a) For instance, some have tried to establish infant baptism from verse 2.
b) Since Paul said “all were baptized,” it is argued that “infants” were part of the “all.”
c) Paul is describing people who made a commitment to Moses.
d) He has in mind those who were old enough to make a decision to follow Moses.
2) A second error involving 1 Cor. 10:2 is very clever.
a) Some have said this passage proves that God does not require baptism for people today.
b) It is said the Hebrews were joined to Moses BEFORE the experience in the red sea experience.
c) Because Moses was the leader of these people before the baptism, we have a parallel.
d) Jesus is “our leader” (savior) before baptism. Refuted in Ex. 14:10-15.
3) Moses was not held in high esteem at this point. He was not regarded as a true deliverer.
4) If anything, Moses was being looked upon as a failure. He was bringing these people to death.
5) Ex. 14:31 – READ It was after the experience in the sea the Hebrews believed in God and Moses.
6) Then they had faith in God and Moses.
7) The actual “joining” to Moses did not come until the baptism (the sea experience).
8) Such is also true today; a person is not joined to Christ until they are baptized.
a) When Moses and the Israelites were joined together, there was a very close association.
9) When we are baptized into Christ, a similar thing happens – a strong commitment.
10) Mt. 6:33; Rom. 12:1-2. Baptism into Christ means a commitment to Christ and His word.

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