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Who will God accept?

1) Will God accept me? Can I be acceptable to God? Who will God accept?
2) Questions about who God will accept are very common and very important.
3) God specifically tells us who He will accept in Acts 10:35.
4) The end of this verse specifically says God will accept people.
5) The first part of Acts 10:35 tells us “who” He will accept.
6) Peter said God will accept people from “Every nation.”
7) Compare Acts 15:9.
1) Acts 10:35 is broad enough to even include Christians who leave the faith and want to return.
a) Acts 10:35 even includes the prodigal who wants to back.
b) If a wayward brother sister is willing to comply with God’s terms, they can be accepted.
2) The salvation process that God uses is also associated with the middle of verse 35.
a) A person must “fear God” and “work righteousness.”
b) A person does not become a Christian by chance. They must be taught.
c) They must obey the “one faith” (the “common faith” (Jude 3).

3) When a person is taught, they “fear” God (this fear is “reverence” – respect).
4) When a person respects God, they are inclined to be obedient.

5) God says if people in any nation want to be acceptable to Him, they need to respect Him.
a) They also need to “work righteousness.” Compare Rom. 2:8, 10.
6) Eccl. 12:13 says “fear God and keep His commandments.”
7) Christians build a record that is an eternal record.
8) We are God’s children if we choose righteousness.
9) Working righteousness does not mean we are working our way to heaven.
10) It simply means what James descried in Jas. 2:18 – faith is shown by its works.
11) Deut. 4:29; Jer. 29:13; 1 Chron. 16:10-11.
12) We can be acceptable in the sight of God – it does not matter who we are if we obey.

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