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"My father" – a sermon for father's day

a) More than 40 times in the gospels we find these words” “My father.”
b) Today is father’s day, and we want to look at the words “my father” in the book of Matthew.
2) Our study begins in Mt. 7:21.
a) Some who planned on being saved will be rejected by God and this will be quite a shock.
b) The Lord’s warned about this and explained why this is the case in this 21st verse – READ

3) When we look at earthly father, we find that they generally have a “will.”
4) When men fulfill the role God has given them, that is fulfilling their divine role.
5) God intended for men to be respected and honored in their household.
6) God the Father has devised a plan to save us; we can obey that plan and be redeemed.
7) Jesus said the Heavenly Father’s also offers a plan and leadership; if followed, we will be saved.
8) Jesus went on to say that if we choose to obey God’s will, there will be some consequences.
9) Next on our list of references is Mt. 10:32.
a) READ.
b) Earthly fathers know they cannot be just and good if they have an “anything goes” policy.
c) God the Heavenly Father functions in this manner as well.
d) 2 Pet. 3:9 tells us that He does not anyone to perish.
10) Fathers make some choices and decisions that are sometimes very, very difficult.
11) God can “hard decisions.”
12) God will get no joy from saying that or turning people away, but this is what He will do.
13) Men get married and the will be called on to make some hard choices.
14) Eph. 6:4 says that men are to “nurture and chasten their children in the Lord.”
15) Our world makes parenting a difficult job. Mothers do not have an easy time of things.
16) Being a child is not easy.
17) Dads have many responsibilities, and some of their tasks are specific to them.
a) Mt. 20:23.
b) The Father was the one who had made the decision and already arranged things.

18) In a home God intended for the male (husband) to be a key figure in keeping things on track.
a) A father’s children may not understand or appreciate what he is doing.
b) Sometimes being a mother or father is a thankless job.
19) God is our on-going example. There are many times when He is not thanked.
20) There are many who do not care what God has done or pays no attention to Him.
21) Some try to attack what God or what He has done, but God continues to be a father.
22) Mt. 26:39 and this is a familiar passage.
23) Here is another practical point about men.
24) Earthly dads should be a source of strength in their families.
25) They should be a source for their wife to lean on and find support.
26) Jesus found comfort in the words “my father” and today many earthly fathers still offer great aid.
27) Mal. 2:14-15. Having a mom and a dad is God’s ideal arrangement.
28) It was the means God was going to use to produce a “godly seed.”
29) Mt. 26:53 says – READ
30) One of the things that we can think about on this father’s day is how dad may have helped us.
31) Good dads try to help their children as well as others.

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