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"Should God Continue to Bless America?"

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as patriotic as they come. I’m an ex-Marine (if there is such a thing), and served a tour of duty in Vietnam. And, having traveled the world, I believe the United States of America is the greatest country in the world. Unquestionably, this nation became great because it was built on Biblical principles. Therefore, God has greatly blessed it.
A political leader recently ended his speech with the usual, “…and may God continue to bless America.” I’m wondering why God would want to do that. This nation has become the world leader in violent crime, divorce, teenage pregnancy, voluntary abortion, illegal drug use, and we even lead the Western World in illiteracy!
This nation has murdered nearly 30 million babies since the passage of Roe vs. Wade. We are legalizing homosexuality to the point of marriage and even adoption. 52% of Americans think premarital sex is a morally gray issue. And, we’ve outlawed the public teaching of Creationism, while promoting Evolution! Denominationalism has ripped to shreds Jesus’ prayer for unity among His believers (John 17:20-21). Jesus did not build a denomination, He built His church (Matthew 16:18). And in the midst of all these things, we still have the nerve to ask God to “continue to bless America.”
Is there a cure? Oh yes! “Seek ye the old paths wherein ye shall find rest for your souls” (Jeremiah 6:16). Let’s put on the brakes. Let’s go back to the Bible and Bible only (1Peter 4:11).

Find the truth about God and become a New Testament Christian. Find out more about New Testament Christianity by running some Internet searches for “church of Christ” and “churches of Christ.” You may also want to visit for Bible study information.

Remember, in order to be saved and enjoy all God’s blessings (not the least of which is salvation), a person must have faith (Jn. 8:24), be willing to repent (Lk. 13:3), and after confessing Christ as Lord, the final step is water baptism (Rom. 6:3; 1 Cor. 12:13; 1 Pet. 3:20-21). Bible baptism is by immersion only (“burial,” Rom. 6:4), and once it is done, heaven puts that person “into Christ” (Gal. 3:27; Rom. 6:3). After proper baptism a person has their sins forgiven (Acts 2:38).

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