Bad check restitution program

Are bad checks hurting your business?  Do you need a way to recovery NSF checks?  Have you tried a check guarantee service and been disappointed?  There are multiple ways to deal with bad checks.  Some businesses no longer accept checks.  Other businesses try to prevent bad checks by using a “check guarantee” service.”  Other businesses use a check verification service.  There are also services that offer businesses a “check recovery service” or a “NSF check recovery service.”  Some bad check collection services will even accept stop payment and closed account checks for collection.  Check recovery services may not have any monthly or annual fee, but there may be an initial sign up fee.

Another option used by some businesses to collect bounced checks is a “bad check restitution program.”  These bad check programs may also be designated as a “worthless check unit,” a “bad check unit,” a “bad check unit,” or similar terminology.  There are actually some District Attorney Offices in the United States that help businesses collect on bounced checks.

Visit to see if there is a listed “bad check restitution” program or a “worthless check unit” listed for your prosecuting attorney office.  Feel free to also check out the resources from too.  Best wishes in your efforts to collect your bounced checks!

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