The Keeley Institute

In studying from an old Bible commentary on Second Peter by J. Nieboer I came across a reference to the “Keeley Cure” for alcoholics and was curious if many others have heard of this “cure” (please take the survey below). Also below is a short description about the “Keeley Cure” from wikipedia

“The Keeley Institute, known for its Keeley Cure, was a commercial medical operation that offered treatment to alcoholics from 1879 to 1965. Though at one time there were more than 200 branches in the United States and Europe, the original institute was founded by Leslie Keeley in Dwight, Illinois, United States. After Keeley’s death the institute began a slow decline but remained in operation under John R. Oughton, and, later, his son. The Keeley Institute offered the internationally famous Keeley Cure, which drew sharp criticism from those within the mainstream medical profession. The Keeley Institute’s location in Dwight, Illinois had a major influence on the development of Dwight as a village. There are only a few remaining indications in Dwight that the Keeley Institute was once a major force.”

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