Wheat or weeds

Mt. 13 is a chapter where the Lord gave a number of parables, one of which involved “tares.”

  1. Verse 36 – READ
  2. The explanation of this parable begins with verse 37 – READ

1)      The Lord wants this seed to produce “sons of the kingdom.”

2)      Jesus wants to have faithful followers throughout the world – verse 38 – READ

a)      This parable reminds us of Mk. 16:15 – Jesus said He wanted His word taken to “Every creature.”

b)      Jesus wants to have disciples throughout the entire earth.

3)      We often think about the “seed” as describing the word of God and this is true.

4)      Here the “good seed” describes the “sons of the kingdom.”

5)      Rom. 1:16 says God’s power to salvation is the gospel.

6)      In a sea of sin Jesus wants us to be a bright beacon.

7)      At the end of verse 38 Jesus said there are some “tares” in along with the wheat.

8)      God says there are going to be some “weeds” that try to impact our spiritual life.

a)      As our children go through school they are going to be surrounded by weeds.

b)      Adults will be surrounded by weeds in their places of employment.

c)      Some of our family members may be like weeds.

9)      In the physical realm we can often instantly recognize weeds.

10)   “Tares” (an undesirable crop) were planted along with the good crop.

11)  This reminds us that Satan seeks to surround Christians with weeds and he does.

12)  One of Satan’s tactics is trying to fill the earth with weeds.

13)  Verse 26 – READ

14)  In life there are times in life when we can’t pull out a weed because it will destroy a plant.

a)      Verse 39 – READ

b)      Weeds come from the devil and he is always trying to plant a new crop of weeds.

2)      There are consequences for this becoming involved with weeds – verse 40 – READ .

a)      God knows about all the “weeds” in life.

b)      At the proper time God will destroy each and every weed.

c)      Jesus said this will happen at the “end of the world” – verse 40 – READ

d)     Verse 41 even uses the word “all” – READ

3)      In eternity God will have a “weed free” kingdom.

4)      There will not be a single “weed” in heaven.

a)      If we are not a “son of God” (a child of God), we are like a weed.

b)      We may not be like the biggest weed or like the ugliest weed.

c)      All that we need to miss out on heaven is to fall into the “weed category.”

5)      All who are categorized in this way are going to have a very bad ending – verse 42 – READ

6)      Since we know what will happen to people who did not choose to please God, what about others?

7)      Verse 43 – READ

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