azteca flour tortillas

Do you use azteca flour tortillas?  My family used to LOVE the azteca flour tortillas for their thickness and this was the only brand we bought.  Some time ago we noticed that these tortillas seem to be thinner.  We thought maybe we just had an unusual batch and have bought this produict at other times but now they always seem thinner.  Has azteca changed their  tortillas?  Are azteca flour tortillas thinner than in the past?  If so, was this something customers requested?  If you have tried the Meijer brand of tortillas, do you think Meijer tortillas are like what you used to get with the azteca brand? 

Let others know what you think about azteca tortillas with this “azteca flour tortilla survey”:

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  1. Emelia Jacaruso

    Excellent post as usual, thanks for posting all this informative stuff on a regular basis.