How to be saved. How is a person saved from sin?

Baptism does save people 3.30.07

a) Throughout the Bible we have words like “save” and “saved.”
b) These words are generally associated with being saved from sin and becoming right with God.
c) A number of people have tried to take a few verses speaking about salvation and isolate them.
d) Mt. 1:21.
2) Does that mean we just sit back and do nothing? Does this mean the Lord will save all people?
3) Our next key text involving the word “save” is Mt. 16:25.
4) Mt. 18:11 is next – Jesus came to “seek and save the lost.”
5) Acts 2:40 says Peter told people to “save” themselves from a perverse generation.
6) Peter recognized that man must take some part in getting right with God.
a) There are religious groups that say “God does it all; man can do nothing.”
b) It is certainly true that we do not earn salvation; it is impossible to merit eternal life.
c) We can obey what God says, and this is what Peter had in mind in Acts 2:40.
d) If we want to be saved, the Bible says we must do certain things.
7) 1 Cor. 1:21 – a person is saved “by preaching.”
8) 1 Cor. 7:16 refers to a marriage where one spouse is a Christian and the other is not.
9) Paul said that through a good influence the Christian mate, that spouse may “save” their mate.
a) Preachers have a similar responsibility – 1 Tim. 4:16.
10) We need the right faith, but faith alone does not save (Jas. 2:26).
11) Faith must be accompanied by works (Jas. 2:14).
12) Acts 2:47.
13) Acts 4:12 says there is no other name under heaven under which we can be “saved.”
14) If we want to be among the saved, we must come to Christ and no one else.
15) If we come to Christ in obedience, He will put us in the church (Acts 2:47).
16) If we have not been put by Christ in the church, we have not come to Christ.
17) We learn about Jesus by “words” (Acts 11:14).
a) Cornelius was told Peter would “speak to him words” so he could be saved.
b) Angels know we cannot be saved without turning to the Bible.
18) Acts 16:30 has a man asking, “What must I do to be saved?”
19) Rom.5 :9 gives a partial answer to that question: we are saved (justified) by His blood.
20) Rom. 10:13 says a person is “saved” by calling upon Jesus (the context describes a confession).
21) 1 Cor. 15:2 says we cannot be “saved” unless we “hold fast the word.”
22) Eph. 2:5 says we are saved by the “grace of God.” We do not earn our merit our salvation.
23) 2 Thess. 2:10 says a person cannot be saved unless they “love the truth.”
24) 1 Tim. 2:4 says God wants all men to be saved (He does not want anyone left behind).
25) Along with God’s grace, Tit. 3:5 says God’s “mercy” is also involved in saving us.
a) We must be taught the gospel; as an angel said to Corneilus, there are “words to save us.”
b) Notice also how in Tit. 3:5 the writer refers to the “washing of water.”
26) Water is what we find associated with baptism in the New Testament.
27) Since the word “saved” is joined with water and baptism in Tit. 3:5, it seems baptism is essential.
28) “Saved” also occurs in 1 Pet. 3; this text will also be read.
29) We want 1 Pet. 3:20-21 – READ
a) Water “saved” people in the time of Noah.
b) Peter said there is a like thing today – baptism still “saves” people.
c) We need Christ, we need His blood, we need preaching, we need to cling to God’s word.
d) We need grace, we need mercy…there is a long list of things necessary for salvation.
e) On God’s list to for us to gain entrance to His church and heaven is baptism.
f) Acts 2:38 says this is baptism for the forgiveness of sins.

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Remember, in order to be saved and enjoy all God’s blessings (not the least of which is salvation), a person must have faith (Jn. 8:24), be willing to repent (Lk. 13:3), and after confessing Christ as Lord, the final step is water baptism (Rom. 6:3; 1 Cor. 12:13; 1 Pet. 3:20-21). Bible baptism is by immersion only (“burial,” Rom. 6:4), and once it is done, heaven puts that person “into Christ” (Gal. 3:27; Rom. 6:3). After proper baptism a person has their sins forgiven (Acts 2:38).

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